Welcome to Greenthumb's Virtual Game

Play every game in each house of your Garden Friends and Greenthumb's house.

To start the game, hover your mouse arrow on the game and click it when you see the Hand cursor. If the above game does not play automatically, click on the empty box, then click Allow when asked by your browser. When the game plays with music, click again onto the game when you see a hand cursor. You will then see the game " The Greenthumb's Garden ". Enjoy Playing.

Glory the squirrel
Come and play the games inside of glory's shed.

Plucky's the Rooster
Come and play the games inside Plucky's coop.

Lucy's shed

Snazz the snail
Come and play Snazz games or listen to one of his garden songs.


  1. By starting the game, you have to click on the game when you see a hand cursor. Then it will take you to the next window for allowing Adobe flash player into your browser.
  2. If you clicked many times and your browser does not load, you may go to the Settings of your browser, then scroll down and click on the Advanced section. Under the Privacy and Security section, click on the Site Settings then scroll down and click on Flash with the puzzle icon. Along the Ask First lane, enable the button to turn it on. Close the settings and start again the game.
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